With its amazing collection of quirky dresses, Annie’s vintage clothes shop in Islington’s Camden Passage knocks spots off most of the vintage clothing stores in London.

The fashion set love it. Everyone, including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Nicole Farhi, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan have raided the place for quirky trimmings, accessories and one off pieces such as feather capes, embroidered shawls, original flapper dresses and bias-cut numbers in fabulous prints. Kate Moss and Pearl Lowe are regulars.

The window always features a ‘My Fair Lady’ – style display of flowers, flouncy fabrics and a wonderful floaty dress. And, weather permitting, there’s a bargain rail outside accompanied by a couple of baskets containing antique lace from £15 or pretty beaded wire flowers for around £5, which Annie buys from a market just outside Paris.

Still on the girlie theme, there’s also a rail of white lacy petticoats, nightdresses and tops, and there’s a constant supply of original Twenties mid-calf lace wedding dresses with silk underslips that sell for around £200. It’s definitely worth a trip.

Here are some examples from our collection…